"ROOM 1613"

                                                                             Cover Art by Cameron Secoura

Track Listing and Credits 

(Production) {Performers In Order of Appearance on Song}

  1.  INTRO {Mr. Williams aka B-DOT}
  2. "Smiling Faces" (Produced by INFINITE, Co-Produced by Mr. Bullock) {J.Ghost, WhiteGold, T_$HO, INFINITE, Tekka}
  3. "Bread Over Bed" (Produced by Chase Ensyte) {J.Ghost, Mr. Bullock aka Fly Ladies Cant Miss This, T_$HO)
  4. "Live @ The Wack BattlezzZZ ROUND 1" (Produced by Mr. Bullock) {J.Ghost, T_$HO, INFINITE, WhiteGold) 
  5. "SupaHero Musik" (Produced by INFINITE) { INFINITE, Mr. Bullock aka Mr. B-yagi, T_$HO}
  6. "Past Present Future" {B-DOT}
  7. "Let the Choir Sing" (Produced by INFINITE) {INFINITE, J. Ghost, WhiteGold, Tekka, T_$HO}
  8. "Live @ The Wack BattlezzZZ ROUND 2" (Produced by Mr. Bullock) {J.Ghost, INFINITE, T_$HO)
  9. "Anything.. For Mom" (Produced by INFINITE) {INFINITE, Tekka)
  10. "UHURU (Produced, Mixed/Arranged by G.M.S.)
  11.  P-O-E-T-R-Y (B-DOT)
  12. "We @ Home" featuring One Luve (Produced by Leon Links)  {J. Ghost, Tekka, One Luve, WhiteGold, Mr. Bullock aka YODA)
  13. "Ship of FoolzZ" (Produced, Mixed, and Arranged by Mr. Bullock aka LATEE) {T_$HO, INFINITE, Mr. Bullock aka Bull-Eazy, Takka}
  14. "Live @ The Wack BattlezzZZ .. WHITE GOLD vs WhiteGold" (Produced by Mr. Bullock aka LATEE) {J.Ghost, WhiteGold}
  15. "My Life" (Produced, Mixed and Arranged by Mr. Bullock aka LATEE) {WhiteGold, T_$HO)
  16. "Godzilla" (Produced by INFINITE) {INFINITE, T_$HO, J. Ghost, Mr. Bullock aka LATEE, Tekka, WhiteGold)
  17. "Live @ The Wack BattlezzZZ FINAL ROUND" (Produced by Mr. Bullock) { J. Ghost, T_$HO, INFINITE}
  18. "Front Lines" (Produced by INFINITE) {INFINITE, Tekka}
  19. "Open Mic" (B-DOT)

Album Produced by INFINITE and Mr. Bullock aka LATEE

except for "We @ Home", "Bread Over Bed" and "UHURU; "Bread Over Bed" originally recorded by One Luve and Jaleel

All songs on "ROOM 1613" were recorded in Room 1613 by Mr. Bullock, except for INTRO, Past Present, Future, P-O-E-T-R-Y, and Open Mic recorded in Room 1608 by Mr. Bullock

All songs on "ROOM 1613" were Mixed and Arranged by Mr. Bullock aka LATEE at Rainbow Labz, except for "UHURU"

Thank You

Heritage Records Artists would like to thank GOD, our parents, the entire student body of Heritage High School,  Dr. Savage, Mr. Perry, Mr. King, Mrs. Daniels, Mrs. Hinds for giving us the space to realize our vision.  Mr. B. Williams for the support, the love, the coaching.  ALL TEACHERS at Heritage High School.

Shout Outs

J. Ghost, INFINITE, T_$HO, WhiteGOLD, Tekka, G.M.S., Leon Links, Landon W, Tec-Knowledge, B-DOT, and LATEE..... WE DID IT!!! WE GREW TOGETHER!!  WE MADE HISTORY!!!   I love ya'll.. str8 up and down like 6 o' clock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BONG BONG!!

Zay the Rapper, MaxGold, Cam (Good Look on the Cover), JPEG (Good Look on the label LOGO), J-Z, One Luve (Peace for B.O.B.. I owe you), D-Nice, ill Will, Coach Fields, Every student who took ever Sci-Vis and/or Game Art and Design (Its too many to name you all.. but you know I love ya'll), Big Evan, Tre, Mr. Torrian,  Boys/Girls JV Basketball Teams, Whyl, Chess Club, Programming Club, Biggy Jay, Alex K, Vanny P, John C, Mikey $ (you know how we do),  Amani W, Mrs. Shores (Thank you for the wonderful meals after our recording sessions... Calzones were banging!!), KEON S (my brother), Heritage High School CTE dept., E.Mizzle, PMD, JMcG, Men of Distinction,  WakeField Middle School, Justice, Jephon, DJ, my QUEENs NYC representatives Anthony L, GRIZZO; Speechless, Big T.S., Frankie A (Peace for lacing my classroom with the fly artwork.. your dope), Chase Ensyte, L and L Productions, Ace Boogie, Gray, DOUG, (ya'll nexxt on deck!!.. get ya bars up),