Tekka (J. Dennis)

I'm writing what I live/ they say thats not the proper way/ I can't comprehend/what you tryin' say/ I'm ahead of time/ you behind today - Tekka on "FrontLines"

A native of Atlantic City, New Jersey Jahaad Dennis also known as Tekka has been writing lyrics and rhyming since he was 15.  Tekka's style as an artist is commonly described as lyrical and gritty in which he attempts to paint true to life potraits and scenarios.  Tekka's primary goal as an artist is to "change hip hop for the better..."

White Gold (D. Gowler)

I'm in need of a helping hand/let me feel you/GOD give me a sign/ let me know that I am near you  - White Gold on Let the choir sing"

Originally from Bloomington Illinois Dylan Gowler also known as White Gold moved to Raleigh, NC to live with his father.  It was during freshman year of high school that White Gold was introduced to hip hop music.  From that moment foward, hip hop culture would play a major role in White Gold's life.  He wrote his first rhyme as a sophmore at Heritage High School and took part in his first cipher during the same year.  After establishing himself as one of the most formidable MCs at Heritage, Dylan was told by a friend that he needed to speak to Mr. Bullock (the teacher/rapper legend).  Mr. B and White Gold immediately connected as Mr. B helped him to develop his skills as a lyricist and broaden his vision as an artist.  Today, as an artist on Heritage Records, White Gold seeks to evolve into a complete artist with a strong business sense. 

J.Ghost (J. Magana)

"A sophiscated group of individuals make up my power circle/Haters keep on hatin' while we going UNIVERSAL" - J.Ghost on Smiling Faces

Born in Vancouver, Washington Johnathn Magana also known as J.Ghost has spent the majority of his young life in Raleigh.  Unlike most of

the artists on Heritage Records, J.Ghost only recently began his journey as a lyricist and performer.  However, J.Ghost's undeniable charisma, persistence, and lyrical wit speak volumes about his potential as an MC.  It was during an October 2012 recording session for Tekka's "Playtime's Ova" that J.Ghost wrote his first rhyme with the help of Mr. Bullock, Tekka, and Zay the Rapper.  That rhyme would eventually lead J.Ghost to the microphone for the first time as he performed the last verse on "Playtime's Ova" remix with Tekka, in fact moments before hitting the mic J.Ghost was blessed with his "rap name."  Ever since that day J.Ghost has been a staple artist on Heritage Records.  Through his music J.Ghost hopes to shed light as well as a fresh and positive perspective on life's tempations.  He credits, Jay-Z, Nas, Kool G. Rap, WU-TANG, The Notorious B.I.G., 2PAC, Rakim, and Kenderick Lamar as his biggest influences.


Infinite (M. Walker)

"I got that complex flow/ These other rappers Fear it/ The DaVincci Code is embedded in each one of my lyrics" - INFINITE on "SupaHero Musik"

A native of Raleigh, NC Malik Walker also known as INFINITE fell in love with hip hop at an early age.  Instead of traditional nursery rhymes INFINITE preferred to listen to artists such as WU-TANG CLAN, Jay-Z, and Eminem.  Remarkably, INFINITE started writig songs at the age of 8 and has continued to develop his skill.  INFINITE is also a prolific music producer with sample based style. His work as a producer on "ROOM 1613" has established him as a production heavy weight in the Raleigh area.  His production influences include Kayne West, RZA, and Big K.R.I.T.  Lyrically INFINITE is inspired by artists such as Honors English, Eminem, Tech N9ne, T_$SHO, and CES CRU.

T. $HO (T. Shores)

"Respect over bread over bed over feds/ Intellect the GOD provide/ I ain't got a dime" - T_$HO on Bread over Bed

Trevor Shores, also known as T_$HO, started writing rhymes at the age of 11.  While his first rhyme, as he maintains, "was not the best ever" T_$HO never stopped writing.  However, when he met Mr. Bullock his style was completely transformed and elevated.  "After I met Mr. B I strived to improve myself; lyrically I wanted to grow exponentially so that I could define my style.  It was during the recording session for "Ship of Fools" where T_$HO met INFINITE.  The chemistry between the two was immediate and the two instantly formed a group which ultimately led to the recording of "SupaHero Musik" an instant classic and "They Coming".  T_$HO credits influences such as WU-TANG, TechN9NE, Ces Cru, SlaughterHouse, Brotha Lynch hung, Eminiem, INFINITE, WhiteGold, J. Ghost, Tekka, B-Dot (aka Mr. Williams) and LATEE (aka Mr. Bullock aka Mr. Bull-EAZY, aka Fly Ladies Cant Miss This)     


Leon Links (M. Saunders)

Michael Saunders also known as the infamous Leon Links is originally from Wilmington, Delaware.  Having only spent a few years in Raleigh Leon Links is  quickly becoming one of the hottest producers in the Heritage area.  As a young lad, around the age of 10, Leon Links became very intrigued by the music industry specifically how the songs he was hearing were created.  Some years later, as a student of Mr. Bullock, Leon Links was introduced to the discipline of audio production and it's tools.  At the age of 16 he began to acquire some of the tools necessary to start making beats.  Leon Links' style consists of mellow, relaxing beats that "come with a little thump." Links' credits producers such as Sledgren, Cardo, Lex Luger, Alchemist, and Zaytoven as a few of his influences.  Striving for success, Leon Links is a self motivated producer with the attitude to works and get done all that has to be completed.